Weryd is the world in which you, the party, begins. It contains a full compliment of biomes, environments, and culture. For now though, we will concern ourselves with Rhostirran, the small region you begin in.

Rhostirran consists of three primary environments. There are valleys, mostly river valleys near the mountain ranges. There are moors – these are large flat grassy areas covered with heather and like scrubby plants. And there are mountains. In addition, there are three major forests in the region.

First, there is Ar-Afon, in the west. A long, wide river, the Afon runs down just west of Meindrau, the western range of mountains. Here live the Halflings, who ship barges full of cargo along the slow-moving river. There is also a significant human population here.

Coming east, we meet the Meindrau, the first mountain range. These mountains, unlike the Danned to the north, are full of life, namely dwarves. The mountains bristle with their stone spires, and ring with the sounds of their shouts and working songs as they mold the rock around them to form their vast cities.

Further east lies the Cwyrwood, home to the largest enclave of elves. These are not the Tolkeinesque gentle, nature-revering, peaceful-for-the-most-part elves. These are rash and violent hunters. Indeed, they worship the Fey Gods, and keep the borders of their forest very strictly delineated. Border-of-death delineated, basically.

South and east of the Cwyrwood is the first significant Human city, the port town of Feld. Here, the cargo of Ar-Afon is unloaded, divided, reloaded into different ships, as well as land caravans, and reshipped out. It is a significant trading center, and is known for it’s frequent ‘Shanghai-ing’ of drunken sailors.

Riding along the coast, you would soon reach the Holy Cities – one on the mainland, one on Pen Mawr, an island a mile off the coast connected by a stone bridge, the origin of which has been lost in the past. These cities are the destination of many dwarven pilgrims, who head here to see the location where the mythic journey detailed in religious texts began. These two cities are the only significant dwarf settlements outside the mountains, and are, despite being on the coast, not trading posts, due to their religious significance. Instead, ships must dock at settlements just outside the city limits, grown large due to their necessity.

Northwards, there is the Gulf of Taran.

Finally, at the top of the map, you reach Prinde, the Lywfwood, as well as Martisor. Here, we have a confluence of cultures – the Halfling/Dwarvish mining town of Martisor, the Elvish enclave of Lywfwood, as well as the Human trading center of Prinde. North of here are the Danned mountains, long abandoned after the Ryfel Draig of five centuries past. Once, underneath those mountains were vast goblin caves, and the music of their bards was known the region over. Since then, however, the goblins have lost their way, and live in tribes throughout the region, raiding and leeching off of the work of other races.

Just north of the Danned lie vast tundras, home to the Orcish clans, who drive their herds of war moose through the snowy plains.


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