Goblin Caves

Messengers Delayed

Here is an (extremely) succint description of what happened last time we left off.

You, the party, were traveling from a hamlet that is part of Clan Orion to the clan council in Prinde. All of you were born into the clan, and have family and friends within it. You were carrying a message from the leader of the hamlet to the council regarding the recent aggression by a previously unencountered clan, with an unusual emblem (I will add an illustration of this emblem as soon as I may draw one up.)

On the first night of your journey, you were rudely awakened by a horde of goblins, tied up, and carried as a group to their caves, where you were knocked unconcious.

On awakening, you found yourself in a small prison, guarded by 2 goblins. Syvwlch, in order to alleviate the dim lighting cast Light on himself, which subsequently frightened the goblins, one of whom was dispatched to find the jailer. Upon the jailer’s entry, the party unleashed themselves. Within minutes, there lived no goblins in that room. With that, the party left, looting the daggers owned by the goblins.

Down the hall, they reached a room which contained a multitude of assorted clothes and equipment. Here they also found their own weapons. It was at this point that Codwallader transformed himself into a wolf, and the party continued. It was in the next room that the party met another 6 goblins, recuperating in the Guard Lounge. Here, after one death, the remaining 5 goblins reconvened on the other side of the room, luring Codwallader into a trap, which injured him as well as trappedhim in a large spike pit. However, this served only to delay their fate. After finishing the goblins, they entered the throne room. Finding the king gorging himself on a personal feast, the party took the opportunity to surprise him, and quickly defeated him without a hitch.

During the following investigation of the room, the party discovered a letter detailing their description and orders to detain them. This was signed with the same rune of the aggressing clan.

Upon exiting the caves, you saw you were in an abandoned barrow off the road. Indeed, you saw a company of horseriders heading down the road just ahead of your position. They appear to be flying your clan’s banner.



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