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Well, here’s the wiki.

You guys can make a character page by clicking this handy dandy link: New Character. You can go as minimal or as all out as you want. I’d stress putting most of your thought into your backstory. There doesn’t need to be anything other than that really. Your character sheet is seperate from this.

Other than that, explore! You can get a quick primer on our setting on the front page. Don’t feel the need to read the whole thing. I just figured I’d lay it out for whoever is interested (basically, Ian.) We are starting in Prinde, the city all the way down at the bottom of the page.

Green links haven’t been written yet, but are planned, so those pages don’t lead anywhere. And ask me about anything. I want to talk through the world, and develop it further with your input. Otherwise I’d just be writing a novel.

Main Page

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